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[mobile] Restoring the Transpose Button: Steps to Activate It on Your Device
[mobile] Offline Access to Your Favorites: How to Add, Load, and Troubleshoot
[mobile] Keeping Chords Handy: Using the Pin Feature for Pinned Chords and Autoscroll
[mobile] Enhancing Your Reading Experience: Switching Between Dark and Light Modes in Tabs
[mobile] Enhancing Your Practice: Using the Listen Feature in Text Tabs and Chords
[mobile] Instant Tab Access with Now Playing: Linking Your Music to Ultimate Guitar
[mobile] Connecting Through Messages: Chatting, Managing Conversations, and More
[mobile] Connecting with Others: Finding and Following Users in the App
[mobile] Personalizing Your Profile: Changing Your Profile Picture
[mobile] Showcase Your Talent: Creating and Linking UG Shots to Tabs
[mobile] Optimizing for Left-Handed Players: Enabling Left-Handed Mode in the Tabs App
[mobile] Unlocking More Melodies: Exploring Piano Chords and Finding Ukulele Tabs
[mobile] Tab to Standard: Switching Notation Formats for a Different Perspective
[mobile] Sharing Your Musical Collection: Playlist Sharing on the Website and Tab Sharing on the App
[mobile] Crafting Your Music: Creating Personal Tabs in the Tabs App
[mobile] Organizing Your Musical Collections: Adding Tabs to Playlists and Customizing Order
[mobile] Putting It on Paper: Printing Text Tabs and Chords for Your Convenience
[mobile] Contributing and Managing Tabs: Sharing Your Music, Benefits of Approval, and Tab Management
[mobile] Tailoring Your Notification Experience: Adjusting App and Device Alerts for Ultimate Guitar Tabs
[iOS] How to work with Tabs section of Ultimate Guitar for iOS