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[mobile] UG Practice: raise the level of your play!
[mobile] UG Practice: raise the level of your play!
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Practice mode is a simple tool for UG users to increase the level of their playing. It is a great opportunity to play your favorite Official Tabs and see what parts of the melody you need to work with.

Please follow these steps to use the Practice mode:

  1. Open preferred tab;

  2. Click on Pro folder;

  3. Hit the Practice Mode icon;

  4. Choose the speed of the track;

  5. Hit record button;

  6. Click on Play icon.

In settings folder (upper right corner) you can choose or add:

  1. Type of the notation;

  2. Metronome, Backing Track.

“Instruments” folder (lower left corner) gives a possibility to choose any guitar that included to specific song (Lead, Solo, Rhythm etc.), while in “Sections” folder you can choose any part of the song you want to practice to play.

Note: UG Practice is the part of UG Pro+ subscription and can't be subscribed or unsubscribed separately from UG Pro+.

Please use this video guide:

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