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[Android] Cancel Ultimate Guitar Android app subscription or free trial.
[Android] Cancel Ultimate Guitar Android app subscription or free trial.
Written by Andy Miller
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How to Cancel Your Subscription on Different Platforms

Depending on where you initially subscribed to Ultimate Guitar, the process for canceling your subscription may vary. Here's how you can cancel your subscription on different platforms:

Play Store (Android):

  • To cancel your subscription through the Play Store, please refer to this official Google article. It will guide you through the necessary steps to manage your subscription via your Google Account.

Note: Ensure that you're using the same Google Account you used for the subscription. If you're logged into a different Google Account, switch to the correct one before following the steps in the article.

HUAWEI Device (AppGallery Store):

  • If you initiated your Pro subscription on a HUAWEI device via the AppGallery store, you can cancel it by following these steps

We hope this information helps you successfully cancel your subscription based on the platform you used to subscribe to Ultimate Guitar.

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