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Ultimate Guitar Courses Explained: Everything You Need to Know
Ultimate Guitar Courses Explained: Everything You Need to Know
Written by Andy Miller
Updated over a week ago

What Are Ultimate Guitar Courses?

Ultimate Guitar Courses are a service designed to enhance your musical skills. Gain access to over 2500 courses to help you improve your playing.

Find Ultimate Guitar Courses here.

How Do Ultimate Guitar Courses Differ from Ultimate Guitar Pro?

Ultimate Guitar Courses and Ultimate Guitar Pro are separate subscription-based services. However, you only need one Ultimate Guitar account to subscribe to both; there's no need to create an additional account.

With an Ultimate Guitar Courses subscription, you get:

  • Unlimited access to 1500+ courses

  • Regular updates

  • Access across all platforms (website, Android, iOS)

  • Filters to help you find the perfect course, including by topic, difficulty, instrument

  • Downloadable additional course materials

Please Note: All Ultimate Guitar Courses are licensed, meaning we pay royalties to copyright owners. This comes with some restrictions:

  • You can't download the course itself.

  • You can't distribute the courses.

Learn more about what a regular Ultimate Guitar Pro subscription offers here.

For Educators!

If you're interested in featuring your course or lessons on Ultimate Guitar, please contact us at [email protected]. We'll be delighted to discuss the details.

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