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What Benefits Do I Receive with an Ultimate Guitar Pro Subscription?
What Benefits Do I Receive with an Ultimate Guitar Pro Subscription?
Written by Andy Miller
Updated over a week ago

Considering Pro Subscription? Here's What You Get:

Unlock a world of musical possibilities with a Pro subscription. Here's what you'll gain access to:

1. Beginner Course:

  • Dive into our Beginner course, consisting of 22 lessons with 2 lessons for every chord. We keep lessons short and fun to ensure an engaging learning experience.

  • Learn a chord in the first lesson and practice it together in the second.

  • Upon completing the course, you'll be ready to play more than 500 songs.

2. Video Tutorials:

  • Explore beloved songs chosen by the UG community with in-depth video tutorials.

  • Master songs perfectly with guidance on chords, verse and chorus strumming patterns, and more.

Please Note: The Beginner course and video tutorials are currently available exclusively in the mobile app (Courses section -> For beginners in the upper left corner -> Beginners course).

3. Guitar Tools:

  • Enhance your practice with essential tools, including chromatic and brain tuners, a metronome, chord library, and chord progressions.

4. Official Tabs:

  • Access interactive tabs crafted by a team of professional musicians at UG.

  • Seamlessly switch between a Guitar Pro tab and a chord tab for ultimate flexibility.

5. Auto-Scroll:

  • No need to manually scroll while playing. Our smart auto-scroll adjusts to the song's speed.

  • You can customize the auto-scroll speed to match your playing pace.

6. Transpose:

  • Modify the key of any song to suit your preferences and playing style.

7. Fretboard:

  • Get visual guidance on where to place your fingers on your real guitar while learning.

8. Loop:

  • Focus on specific parts of a song by using the loop feature.

9. Simplify:

  • If you're just starting, simplify your learning by using the "simplify" option, which replaces complex chords with simpler alternatives.

10. Print All Tabs:

  • Print various types of tabs, including Chords, Pro tabs, and interactive Official tabs for your convenience.

With the Pro subscription, you'll have the tools and resources you need to elevate your musical journey and become a proficient player.

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