Search is the most useful and most frequently used section of UG app. It is here that you can find tabs that you would like to listen to, play and learn. You can find your favorite's song:

  • Official tabs.

  • Pro tabs.

  • Users tabs.


  • Guitar.

  • Bass.

  • Ukulele.

  • Drums.

Also you can find tabs with specific:

  • Tuning.

  • Decade.

  • Genre.

  • Style.

  • Using/no using Capo.

Here is small guide on how to search tabs:

  1. Go to Search.

  2. Enter the song name in the search bar and hit search.

  3. Select Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, or Drums.

Now playing is a section that allows you to find a tab for a song that you have just listened to or are listening to in Apple music and Spotify in seconds. This option is available to users with a Pro subscription.

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