Tabs are the main part of UG because UG is all about Tabs.

So, you want to find the tab of one of your favorite songs. This process is very simple:

  1. Click on "Search" icon on the down bar.

  2. On the top you can find bar with "What do you want to play" title.

  3. Type name of the song or name of artist and click on "Search".

  4. Our service gives you (optionally) plenty of options of tab- Official (green star), Pro (red star), non-Official/Pro and versions for bass, ukulele, drums.

  5. Choose which one you like.

  6. In opened window you can choose preferred form of Tab- Score or Chords.

In each Tab there are many functions that you can use:

  1. Simplify- is an option which makes it easier for you to play preferred song and makes chords simple.

  2. Transpose- gives you possibility to change main key of the song;

  3. Speed- here you can change speed of the tab.

  4. Backing track- is an option which available only for Official/Pro tabs which works like A soundtrack with the sound as close to the original as possible, so that it would be more interesting for you to play the selected tab.

  5. Loop- option that gives you possibility to play specific part of song.

  6. Instruments- list of instruments which are involved in original song. You can mute them, select one you like or do not change anything.

  7. "Heart"- is an option which helps you to put preferred tabs to your favorites.

  8. "Plus"- option which you can use to add opened tab to your Playlist.

Also you can find buttons which help you to:

  1. "Shot icon"- See the Shot of chosen tab.

  2. "YouTube icon"- Find original video of the song on YouTube.

  3. "Comment icon"- Leave a comment down the Tab and to have conversation with other users.

  4. "... icon"- To use special tools while working with chosen tab (Metronome, tuner, printing, settings etc.).

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