Download your personal data
Written by Sergey Larin
Updated over a week ago

If you want to download your personal data before deletion:

  1. Open the Tabs app.

  2. Navigate to Profile.

  3. Go to Settings.

  4. Privacy and safety.

  5. Tap Download personal data.

  6. Tap Request a copy.

  7. You will receive the confirmation link to your email connected to your UG account. Tap Confirm in this email.

  8. Please note that a personal data archive creation for download typically takes around 72 hours (but may take up to 30 days) depending on the amount of your personal data and workload of our systems. Do not request account deletion before you get a link and download your data.

  9. You will receive the link to download an archive with your personal data:

    1. Via your email.

    2. Via mobile application (it will appear at the same menu path where you requested a copy of your data at point 6).

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