What is Ultimate Guitar Sing?

Ultimate Guitar Sing – is a new interactive singing practice tool developed for an app that can help you boost your vocal skills.

What is the difference between Ultimate Guitar Sing and Ultimate Guitar Pro?

Ultimate Guitar Sing and Ultimate Guitar Pro are two different subscription-based services. But you need one UG account to subscribe to both services – no need to create a second account.

With Ultimate Guitar Sing subscription, you get:

  • unlimited access to 20000+ interactive songs

  • regular updates for vocal tabs

  • access on all mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Huawei)

  • instant appraisal of your progress in performing song

How can I reach my UG Sing?
You can find vocal version of the song in the versions of an opened song or search manually for vocal tabs:

  1. Open Search.

  2. Enter the artist's name/song title in a search bar.

  3. Tap on "All Types, All tunning"

  4. Choose "Vocal" > here is the vocal tab!

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