Wrong account

If you purchased a subscription but the app or website doesn't recognize it, please make sure you log in to your Pro account. You might be logged in to the wrong account or not logged in at all.

Reactivate a previous subscription

If you once purchased a Pro subscription in our Android app, but then canceled it, you can reactivate it in the Settings โ†’ Restore purchase.

Note: You should log in to your account before you restore your subscription. Otherwise, it'll get attached to the device you're restoring it on and you won't be able to use it on multiple devices.

One-device subscription

As mentioned before, if you're logged out of your account when you purchase a subscription in the Android app, it gets attached to your device and you can't use it on other devices or our website.
Restore purchase in Settings also allows you to link your Android subscription to your account.

Lost Lifetime Pro

If you purchased a Lifetime Pro before February 2017 but lost your access, find a receipt of the purchase ( how to find a receipt if you purchased in the App Store, Google Play) and send it to us at [email protected].

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