Hesitate about starting Pro?

Here's what you'll get if you subscribe.

Beginner course

The Beginner course consists of 22 lessons โ€“ 2 lessons for every chord. In the first lesson, we'll learn a chord, and during the second one, we'll practice it together.

We've made our lessons short and fun to make sure you won't get bored and will keep learning.

After finishing the course, you'll be able to play more than 5 00 songs.

Video tutorials

We've chosen the most loved songs by the UG community and dived deep into each of them. We included everything you need to know to learn to play the song perfectly: chords, verse and chorus strumming patterns, etc.

Note: the Beginner course and video tutorials are available only in the mobile app right now (Courses section -> For beginners in the upper left corner -> Beginners course).

Guitar tools

You can use chromatic and brain tuners, metronome, chord library, and chords progressions.

Official tabs

Official tabs are interactive tabs created by a UG team of professional musicians. You can switch between a Guitar Pro tab and a chord tab.


You don't need to stop playing to manually scroll. You can just use our mart auto-scroll that adjusts to the speed of the song. You can always change the speed of the auto-scroll so that it matches the speed of your playing.


You can transpose any song to the tone you need.


Fretboard shows where to put your fingers on your real guitar when learning.


With the loop feature, you can focus on a particular part of the song.


If you've just started, you can make your learning easier by using the simplify option. It will change all chords in a chord tab to simpler alternatives.

Print all tabs

You can print all types of tabs: Chords, Pro tabs, and interactive Official tabs.

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