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Ultimate Guitar App: Navigating Subscriptions, Customization, and Account Management
Ultimate Guitar App: Navigating Subscriptions, Customization, and Account Management
Written by Andy Miller
Updated over a week ago

Account Information:

  • Linked Accounts

    This feature enables you to link your social network logins (Google, Facebook, or Apple) to your existing Ultimate Guitar account. By linking your accounts, you can conveniently log into the app or website without needing your Ultimate Guitar account password.

  • Delete Account

    If you wish to permanently delete your Ultimate Guitar account, this option provides a means to do so. Please note that once your account is deleted, it cannot be restored. Exercise caution when choosing this option.


Customize the pop-up notifications you receive from the app regarding shots, personal messages, and approved tabs. Tailor the notification settings according to your preferences.


In this section, you can customize your music skills, select your instrument, and choose your favorite genres. Although these options do not currently impact the app's functionality, stay tuned for future updates!

  • Ukulele Mode

    For ukulele players, enable this option to automatically convert all guitar chords in the tabs to ukulele chords, enhancing your playing experience.

  • Left-Handed Mode

    Designed for left-handed musicians, this option adapts the app for left-handed playing when enabled.


In this section, you can find information about your current subscription and identify its type. However, please note that direct subscription management isn't available here. To manage your subscription, please use the appropriate links based on your platform:

Restore Purchases

If you wish to reactivate your previous purchases, you can use this option. However, remember that it only works within the platform you are currently using. For example, if you originally purchased a premium subscription through the Apple app, you can reactivate it using the Apple app. Reactivation cannot be done through the Android app.

Pedal Interface

This option allows you to connect and configure an external pedal device for use within the app. Take advantage of this feature to enhance your guitar playing with external effects and control.​

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