This section can help you determine the type of subscription.

You can't manage your subscription in this section.

To manage your subscription, you need:

Restore purchases

This option can help you to reactivate your old purchases. It only works for the platform you are on.

So, for example, if you did purchase a premium subscription on the Apple app, then you can reactivate it in the Apple app. You can't reactivate it in the Android app.


Here you can choose your music skills, your instrument, and your favorite genres. These options have no influence to the app yet. But stay tuned!

Ukulele mode

You can turn this option on if your main instrument is the ukulele. This option will change all the guitar chords for the CRD type of the tabs to ukulele chords.

Left handed

If you are left-handed - this option is exactly for you. Just turn it on.

Pedal interface

This option will help you to set up an external pedal device for usage within the app.


This option can help you to customize the pop-up notifications from the app regarding shots, personal messages, and approved tabs.

Delete account

This option can help you completely delete your Ultimate Guitar account. Note: the deleted account can't be restored.

Linked accounts

This option can help you to link your social network logins (Google, Facebook, or Apple) to your existing Ultimate Guitar accounts.

It should help you to log into the app or on the website without the password for the Ultimate Guitar account.

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