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Unveiling the Tab Universe: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Tabs on UG
Unveiling the Tab Universe: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Tabs on UG
Written by Andy Miller
Updated over a week ago

Discovering Tabs on UG

Tabs are at the heart of UG, dedicated to providing comprehensive tablature. Finding tabs for your favorite songs is simple:

  1. Click the "Search" icon in the bottom bar.

  2. In the top search bar labeled "What do you want to play?", enter the song or artist name and click "Search."

  3. Explore tab options, including Official (green star), Pro (red star), non-Official/Pro, versions for bass, ukulele, and drums (under Type filter) and preferred tuning (under the Tunning filter).

  4. Select the tab that suits your preferences.

  5. Within the tab, choose your preferred format: Score or Chords.

Each tab offers useful functions:

  • Simplify: Simplify chords for easier play.

  • Transpose: Change the song's key to your liking.

  • Speed: Adjust tab playback speed.

  • Backing Track: Exclusive to Official/Pro tabs, enjoy a soundtrack close to the original for an enhanced playing experience.

  • Loop: Focus on specific parts by looping them.

  • Instruments: See the original instruments and mute/select as you prefer.

  • "Heart" Icon: Add tabs to your favorites for quick access.

  • "Plus" Icon: Add the current tab to your playlist.

You'll also find helpful buttons:

  • "Shot Icon": View related videos for the tab.

  • "YouTube Icon": Find the original song video on YouTube.

  • "Comment Icon": Engage and discuss tabs with fellow users.

  • "..." Icon: Access special tools, including a metronome, tuner, printing options, and settings.

We continuously strive to enrich your experience with a vast tab library and tools, empowering you to effortlessly play your favorite songs.

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