UG Courses is a new service that can help you boost your musical skills with access to 2500+ courses.

Ultimate Guitar Courses and Ultimate Guitar Pro are two different subscription-based services. But you need one UG account to subscribe to both services โ€“ no need to create a second account.

Note. If you are UG Courses subscriber all you need is just to click on Courses button on down bar in UG App.

When you have entered the Courses section, you can select any section you are interested in:

  • For Beginners.

  • Acoustic Guitar.

  • Electric Guitar.

  • Scales and Modes.

  • Chords and Progressions.

  • Solo and Improvisation.

  • Basics and theory.

  • Techniques and Skills.

  • Other.

With UG Courses subscription, you will get:

  • Unlimited access to 1500+ Courses.

  • Regular Guitar Courses updates.

  • Access on all platforms (web, Android, iOS).

  • Filters to find the perfect course for you.

    • Topic.

    • Difficulty.

    • Instrument.

    • Genre.

  • Downloadable additional course materials.

Learn more about Courses.

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