You're already in the right place to reach out to our support team! In this knowledge base, we gathered the info about the vast majority of the questions we get asked.

We recommend starting with the search on the main page:

If you need personal help for your unique case - you can contact us directly at our general Ultimate Guitar support email - [email protected]

You can contact UG support team members via personal messages in the app and on the website. Also, you can always send us a message from the mobile app, you just need to:

  • go to the Profile >

  • open settings >

  • get down on the bottom >

  • tap on "Contact support".

We also keep an eye on our social media, so feel free to send us a message there!

And finally, we don't have a phone number to call, but we are here to help you out via email every day of the week, from 8.00 to 14.00 GMT+1 (or from 3 AM to 10 AM EDT).

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