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[website] Community Guidelines: Understanding What's Not Allowed on Ultimate Guitar
[website] Community Guidelines: Understanding What's Not Allowed on Ultimate Guitar
Written by Andy Miller
Updated over a week ago

Prohibited content

  1. Advertising of any product, service, contest, or brand is not acceptable. Your connection to, or ability to profit from, the company or person being advertised is irrelevant. Learn more about advertising on Ultimate Guitar here.

  2. Astroturfing/failure to disclose: Any user who misrepresents their identity or fails to disclose their affiliation with a product or company in order to promote or advertise will be banned permanently.

  3. The plausibility of denial: Since we cannot positively verify identities in most cases, any content indistinguishable from advertising or promotion will be treated as such. New users must be especially careful since we have no post history to refer to when deciding if an account was made solely for promotion.

  4. Some subforums allow promotion or advertising of your own work to a certain extent! Check the subforum rules first.

  5. Do not use UG to post or send messages that break the law.

  6. Do not send computer harming links or give others instructions that would damage their computers.

  7. No copyright infringement, do not share any copyrighted material or provide instructions for others to do so.

  8. Please do not post in obvious spam and advertising spam (“adbot”) threads, unless it is to mention that you have reported the thread.

  9. Stealing avatars or otherwise imitating other users is frowned upon. If they see this happening, mods will usually change avatar/sig/etc to something embarrassing and if it was vindictive there may also be warnings/bans.

  10. Don't ask for medical advice here. Speak to a doctor or other healthcare professional.

  11. See Terms of Service for a more complete list of disallowed communications.

Note: Moderators do check the forums regularly for bad posts but sometimes cannot read everything or may not see the biggest priority issues first. Reporting posts feature sends a notification to the moderators of the subforum that can easily look into.

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